We would like to offer a huge thank you to the following people for their help & donations:

Spar, Woodhouse Eaves / Woodcock Farm Shop / Harriet Barber / Nina & Mike Fletcher / Caroline Pook / Julie Nyland / Subway, Markfield / Sarah Hemmings / Rod Darby / Ramblers Clothing / Simon Flude / Justin Hewlett / Stuart & All @ The Veg Factor / Lynn & Ken / James Hurst / Marco & All @ The Pear Tree Inn / Hazel Abbott / Nick Barana / Lynn Bailey / Bawdon Lodge Farm / Amanda Garland / Dave Harding / Quality FRESH Produce Ltd / Helen Stubbs / Claire & Wayne Bradshaw / Victoria Corcoran / Merrin Pearce / Katie Percival / Sam Crane & All @ BabyStyle / Georgina Glynn / Claire & George Brooks / All the Ladies at Dazzlers

Thank you to Victoria Hicks from the BBC - This news report was broadcast on East Midlands Today on 9th June 2020.

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Our final delivery...

It's with a little sadness that I have to confirm that we made our final devliery of lunches yesterday... 

Unfortunately we've ran out of funds but we're hoping that the recent media attention regarding child poverty and school lunches means that more Government help is on it's way.

I wish to offer a big thank you to all that have helped and donated over the last 2 months, including my husband Steve & our children Oscar & Alex for all the help supplying, making & delivering over the past few weeks.

I'm really proud of what we've achieved over the last 2 months after providing almost 1,500 free lunches to schools and the community.

Hopefully we've made a difference...

Jo x

We had a visit from East Midlands Today!!!

Thanks to Victoria Hicks who visited us today to talk about the work we've been doing. We have been on East Midlands Today which can be found here (will only be up for 24 hours however): BBC iPlayer


Apologies that we didn't get in any thanks to all those that have donated and helped, I may be on BBC Radio Leicester in the morning (Wednesday 10th) so I will try to get in what I can then!!!

Thanks, Jo x

Going for 1,000 lunches next week!!!


We're not sure how long we can carry on as our supplies and money are running low & we have many of the girls back at work now which makes the logistics difficult. We have however just had a fantastic donation from Mr Justin Hewlett in Woodhouse Eaves which will help us hit 1,000 lunches next week!! Thanks Justin and thanks to everyone else that has helped by donating time, food or money!

We did it - we've now provided over 500 lunches!!!

Another 108 on Tuesday and the same today means that we've now provided 537 packed lunches for those less advantaged. A great achievement!


Well done to Jo for getting in the donations, organising the help and making sure the lunches get delivered!


Big thanks to one of our 'Dazzlers' Little Gee and her boyfriend Kyle!

The school is off next week for half term but hopefully we'll back in June - our aim is to help for as long as we can and hopefully reach 1,000 lunches!

Donations are in for this week!! Thanks to all that have donated again, we're doing 216 lunches this week...

We would like to offer another huge thank you to the following people for their help & donations:

Julie Nyland & Subway, Markfield

Simon Flude & Ramblers Clothing

Justin Hewlett

Stuart & The Veg Factor

Marco & The Pear Tree Inn

Hazel Abbott

Lynn Bailey & Bawdon Lodge Farm

James Hurst

Nick Barana

Dave Harding & Quality FRESH Produce Ltd

Amanda Garland

Claire & Wayne Bradshaw

Helen Stubbs

Victoria Corcoran

Claire & George from Dazzlers

 IMG_3684.jpgWhatsApp Image 2020-05-11 at 14.24.05.jpeg

We did it!!! We got a mention on GEM FM, 105 sandwiches made, 5 delivered, 33 collected, 67 donated to the homeless shelter!

lunches.jpgperson.jpg Shelter2.jpgShelter.jpg

We've had a great response from both those that have donated, helped and also shared so thank you to everyone, it is much appreciated!!

We delivered to some individuals that contacted directly for help, setup up in a couple of spots in Loughborough and got a mention on the radio which means we have quite a few people pickup lunches for themselves and children (unfortunately most didn't want to be photographed which is a shame but understandable).

I also made contact with the homeless shelter in Loughborough who are massively grateful to receive the lunches that we had left.

Thanks again to all that helped and donated. At the moment we're not sure when, where or how to do it again so I'm still calling round to work out if we should do it again, or if we can help in any other way.

Thanks again to Claire, Little Gee & George for their help on the day and please watch this space for an update on our next plans.

As always if you would like to help, donate or are in need of some support please email us on lunches@dazzlerscs.co.uk

Jo x

Bags prepped, just ready for sandwiches in the morning...


Well done to Jo Pole, George Glynn & Claire Brooks for their efforts. Between them they will have 105 lunches tomorrow to be given out to those who need. If they don't have them all collected, Jo has been in touch with homeless & women's refuge shelters shelters who would be happy for any donations.

Thanks to all the Dazzlers' ladies for posting this over social media for us as we've already had a number of people in need contact us, in addition to those in the industry offering advice.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow so we can do it again!


Here at Dazzlers Cleaning Services Ltd, we are keen to help those less advantaged as us by offering packed lunches to those in the local community that are in need.

Please help & share…

Whilst our company has temporarily suspended cleaning due to the current pandemic, our staff are furloughed & we are all keen to help those less advantaged than us. We have decided to try & help the local community by making packed lunches for children/families that are going through a tough time & need that extra bit of help. There are many stories we have heard of families struggling during this crisis & it’s heart breaking to hear them.

It’s not a massive contribution to society but if we can at least help 1 person through this crisis then it’s worth a shot.

We are just going though our level 2 food hygiene course to enable us to offer home-made sandwiches, crisps, piece of fruit & a snack.

Our first trial day will be on Tuesday 5th may next to the great central railway in LOUGHBOROUGH, at 12.30pm.

If you aren’t able to make it to the collection point then please send a message to 07826855078 and we will try to arrange a drop off.

If you would like to contribute food please get in contact on the above number or email us on lunches@dazzlerscs.co.uk

If you would like help yourself or wish to donate to help us provide support where we can please contact us using the form below: