It's confirmed, we have a request for help @ the Beacon Academy in Loughborough...

I've just spoken to the school and they have 108 Children that they are trying to provide food for as unfortunately the Government's school voucher sheme has not come through as yet.

We have agreed to initially provide lunches for 2 days a week to start off with (depending on donations) and obviously if we get more then we hopefully we can do more.

We're going to start next week so it looks like it'll be a busy bank holiday after all!

I have also been in touch with the Loughborough Echo and we're looking to get an article in there next week.

So this is a cry out for everyone to share this post (and donate if you are able to)!!!

Obviously for any donations received, we will put your name/business on our website and hopefully get it in the Loughborough Echo and anywhere else we can.

All that aside it's a chance to help those less advantaged during these difficult times and any help would be appreciated.

The link to share is:


Jo x

If you would like help yourself or wish to donate to help us provide support where we can please contact us using the form below: