We did it!!! We got a mention on GEM FM, 105 sandwiches made, 5 delivered, 33 collected, 67 donated to the homeless shelter!

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We've had a great response from both those that have donated, helped and also shared so thank you to everyone, it is much appreciated!!

We delivered to some individuals that contacted directly for help, setup up in a couple of spots in Loughborough and got a mention on the radio which means we have quite a few people pickup lunches for themselves and children (unfortunately most didn't want to be photographed which is a shame but understandable).

I also made contact with the homeless shelter in Loughborough who are massively grateful to receive the lunches that we had left.

Thanks again to all that helped and donated. At the moment we're not sure when, where or how to do it again so I'm still calling round to work out if we should do it again, or if we can help in any other way.

Thanks again to Claire, Little Gee & George for their help on the day and please watch this space for an update on our next plans.

As always if you would like to help, donate or are in need of some support please email us on lunches@dazzlerscs.co.uk

Jo x

If you would like help yourself or wish to donate to help us provide support where we can please contact us using the form below: